Unveiling the 2012 Route

The South Carrick David Bell organising committee have settled on a route for the 2012 edition, and are now working on making this a reality in time for race day – 10th June 2012.

We've taken our inspiration from the stars...

What you need to know:

  • 163km / 101 miles long
  • 7,790 feet of vertical ascent
  • The Carrick Forest Drive is confirmed
  • The Nic O Balloch is back
  • A new section of Forest Road to be incorporated
  • Spectator friendly with 4 visits to Girvan

The organisers have designed a route that they believe will create a truly open, dynamic and dramatic event.

Popular with spectators if not the riders... The Nic O Balloch makes a return

The inclusion of two unsurfaced sections of road will mean lady luck will have an influence over the race.  With both sections coming before the half-way point, it should encourage the top protagonists to play their cards early to minimize risk on the loose gravel.  However, with more than fifty miles remaining, there should be good opportunity for chasers to recover ground by the end.

Looking east from Ballochbeatties on the Carrick Forest Drive

Riders will have a chance to pay homage to ‘The HighwayMan’ when they pass the memorial to David Bell at Rowntree Toll before tackling  Tairlaw Summit, the race high point at 1421feet.

2369m of climbing - twice up Alpe D'Huez and then some!

Two laps of a finishing circuit around Girvan and the Assel Valley will ensure spectators have plenty of opportunity to see the action.  With its steady and relatively shallow gradient, the Byne might not be the most feared climb in Ayrshire, but two ascents coming so late in the race will separate the strong from the hangers on.  True to the words of former victor Roddy Riddle, “the Davie Bell will NEVER be won by a sit-on sprinter”.  That much, we can guarantee!

Strada Grigio Sector 2 - 'Transmitter Road' as seen last week. We hope to deliver a glossy new surface by June!

DISCLAIMER:  This is a ‘draft’ route – organisers are working with partners in South Ayrshire Council and the Forestry Commission to ensure the roads are in the best possible standard for the race on June 10th.  The Carrick Forest Drive and Transmitter Road sections of gravel road are for seasonal passage, and will be regraded ahead of the event.  Please be aware that as of this moment, we would not recommend taking 700x23c road bikes along these sections!

You can view the proposed route on ridewithgps

Race Schedule

0km Girvan depart 0 11:00 11:00 11:00
4.4km End Neutral zone 2.7 11:05 11:06 11:07
12.8km Dailly (Woodside Rd) 7.9 11:15 11:18 11:21
26.3km Straiton 16.3 11:32 11:37 11:44
30.8km Largs Prime 19.1 11:38 11:44 11:52
36.5km Dalmellington B741 junction 22.7 11:45 11:52 12:01
39.8km Loch Doon Road start 24.7 11:49 11:57 12:07
43.4km Dam by Ness Glen 27 11:54 12:02 12:13
46.7km Garpel Bridge 29 11:58 12:06 12:19
51.2km Loch Doon Castle 31.8 12:03 12:13 12:26
51.9km Forest Drive Start 32.2 12:04 12:14 12:27
57.1km Loch Riecaw Play Ground 35.5 12:11 12:21 12:36
60.5km Ballochbeatties 37.6 12:15 12:26 12:42
62.9km Stinchar Bridge Turn 39.1 12:18 12:30 12:46
64.6km Forest Road Sector 2 Start 40.1 12:20 12:32 12:49
72.5km Sector 2 End – Nic O Balloch 45 12:30 12:43 13:02
76.5km Rowntree Toll –  Memorial 47.5 12:35 12:49 13:09
81.4km Tairlaw Summit 50.1 12:40 12:55 13:16
90km Tairlaw Bridge 55.9 12:51 13:09 13:32
95.1km Straiton 59.1 12:58 13:16 13:41
108.2km Dailly B741 67.2 13:14 13:35 14:03
118.2km Girvan (by Victory Park) 73.4 13:26 13:49 14:20
124.1km Byne Summit 1 77.1 13:34 13:57 14:30
140.1km Girvan 87.1 13:54 14:20 14:57
146km Byne Summit 2 90.7 14:01 14:29 15:07
163.2km Finish – Victory Park 101.4 14:22 14:53 15:35
3hrs 22 3hrs 53 4hrs 35

Well done to Owen Philipson who successfully found our hidden route in last week’s competition.  He receives two new tubes thanks to ACS Prestwick Ltd.


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