The trophies have arrived!

The pre-race jitters starting to creep up now!  We have taken delivery of our custom built race trophies from the Sprocketman and wowee they don’t disappoint.

Full House!

Lets start with most lucrative prize of them all – The Highwayman Challenge Retro Bike Trophy.  To win, you must contest our 101km audax challenge on a bike which is born before 1998.  The criteria set is that it must look ‘ancient’ to a modern teenager, and we’ve got some gathered together to ensure strict quality control.  Our Highwayman Challenge riders are also raising funds for the MS Society Scotland, whose logo is dispalyed here.  With a chain ring as old as Davie Bell himself, its a winner!

Probably not the best gear ratio for getting over the Ayrshire Alps…

Next up we have the Davie Bell prizes.  The most stylish award of the day is for the fastest men on two wheels – the South Carrick Community Lesiure Sprinter’s trophy.  Decided over the hot spots at Dailly and Barrhill, its going to take a strong man to amass the points needed to hang this on their wall.

We love it! – such an artisan. Seven different stages were involved in casting that italic sprint logo. You will not find another like it

Our climbers are a hard breed.  They enjoy a bit of pain, wrestling their machines up the Nic and Glenalla…  And how do they prepare for the feeling of rasping lungs gasping for breath?  Not by drinking poor grade spirits, thats for sure.  William Grants and Sons, who distill and bottle the premium quality Hendricks at their Girvan base will award our KOM in style!

Part 1 of a 2 part prize. Speak nicely to our KOM and he might give you a taste of part 2 🙂

And for Ben Greenwood / Robbie Hassan / Tom Last / Felix English / Gary Hand / Ayr Road CC’s Mark Skilling the winner’s trophy, presented by South Ayrshire Council.  Not only this, but 100 shiny BC points on the racing licence too.  Super with a b, as our clubmen might say.

You can look, but you cannot touch! Whoever takes this home on Sunday night will have thoroughly deserved it. Only a strong man wins the Davie Bell


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