Ayrshire Alps Cycling Festival

Get your calendars out and put a big red mark on the 17th and 18th August 2013.  It is time to go to Girvan!

Thanks to the support of South Ayrshire Council & South Carrick Community Lesiure we have a full weekend of activity in the making, including:

17/08/13 – The Highwayman Challenge Audax.  This year there will be a 200km option as well as the 100km.  Our 200km has something a wee bit special with trips down the Raiders Road and the Carrick Forest Drive

Picture117 /08/13 – SCCL Youth Criterium.  The plan is to get full road closure of the fabled Victory Park circuit on Saturday afternoon to run events for Youth A (u16), B (u14) and C (u12).  After years of watching the pros charge down South Park Avenue in the Girvan 3day and Tour Doonhame now is your chance to ride the route in front of a friendly home crowd

18/08/13 – The Ayrshire Alps Classic (Inc 48th David Bell Memorial).  Now in its 48th year the Davie Bell has established itself as the top road race in Scotland.  Building on the success of 2012 we’ll have a top quality prize fund and an amazing scenic new route taking in the South Carrick coastline, as well as first time visits to the summits of the Ayrshire Alps Cycle Park.  Head to Victory Park to see the winner crowned after 80 miles of top quality racing.

We’ll have more information here as it is announced so keep an eye out on the site.



One thought on “Ayrshire Alps Cycling Festival

  1. These events will be promotrd by Ayr Roads Cycling Club. All members are expected to contribute to what I am sure will be a suscessful weekend.

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