Route announcement: 48th Davie Bell

The 48th edition of the David Bell Memorial Race (The Ayrshire Alps Classic) will be run over an 81 mile course featuring the ascents of Carleton, the Screws and the Byne.  Based in and around Girvan, the race concludes with four laps of a circuit featuring the Byne and Assel Valley.

2013 route

Known for being a hardman’s race, the 48th edition of the Davie Bell will not buck the trend with over 1000m of ascent.  However, gone are the steep pitches of the Nic O Balloch that favour the pure climbers so well.  Instead the steady gradients of the Byne will suit powerful riders who can handle the relentless pressure.

With the riders passing by Victory Park in Girvan six times this should make for a great spectator friendly race.  Add to that the beautiful opening gallop to Lendalfoot along the gorgeous South Carrick Coastline…  Look forward to the photos!

DATE: 18th August 2013

VENUE: Girvan, South Ayrshire



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