Highwayman Heroes


Would you have got out your bed this morning, pulled on a pair of shorts and set off for an epic 200km ride at 8am this morning in those conditions?

Can you believe 29 brave hardy souls did?


The weather was so grim that unfortunately our pics are somewhat poor…

Less than half the field turned out to ride, and every single one of those who completed the full course including the Raiders and Carrick Forest sections deserves a long lie tomorrow and their randonneur title!

And huge thanks to our catering dream team, Catherine and Niamh Fulton who were serving our gladiators right up until half eight this evening!

200km Highwaymen

Michael Allan Troon 10hrs
Harry Brawley 11hrs 50
Edward Clifton Ayr 9hrs 30
Campbell Crombie Johnstone 10hrs 45
Will Davenhill Lanark 9hrs 15
Steven Devlin Kilmarnock 9hrs 15
Alan Fox Erskine 10hrs 45
John Gemmell Cumnock 5hrs 30
Simon Hall Paisley 11hrs 20
Rod Henderson Ayr 11hrs
Robin Jamieson Glasgow 11hrs
David Kaminski Troon 11hrs 20
Jason Kean Ayr 11hrs
David Know Stewarton 11hrs 20
Duncan MacArthur Maybole 11hrs
Kevin McBride Dalrymple 9hrs 30
Len McDonald Lochwinnoch 10hrs 45
Billy McDowall Ayr 11hrs
Bobby McGhee Prestwick 11hrs 50
William McGhee 11hrs 50
Alastair McGibbon Prestwick 9hrs 30
Allan McGibbon Prestwick 9hrs 30
Gordon Pettigrew Largs 11hrs 20
Keith Hood Ochiltree 9hrs 30
Paul McGhee Ayr 9hrs 30
Ronnid Chard 11hrs
Chris McFadden 10hrs

Congratulations to father and son team Allan and Alistair McGibbon – Allan completing 129 miles on his birthday too!

100km Highwaymen

The weather had lifted slightly for the 100km starters, but even so the wind was howling around the start and blowing down the barriers.

There was some great sights to be seen though, such as another father-son pairing, Alan and Arnie Thomson.

100km gets underway

100km gets underway

Brilliant courage shown by all – fantastic

Ian Anderson Glasgow 5hrs
Brian Armour Ayr 4hrs 5
Bryan Baker Glasgow 4hrs 15
Alan Broadfoot Troon 4hrs 50
Corrie Cuthbertson Falkirk 4hrs 30
Grant Cuthbertson Falkirk 4hrs 30
Allan Dewar Maidens 4hrs 50
Carl Fuge Perth 6hrs
Greame Guthrie Glasgow 4hrs 15
Brian Hickey Glasgow 5hrs 15
Euan Lothian Girvan 4hrs 55
Robert Love Girvan 4hrs 55
Fred MacPherson Stranraer 4hrs 40
Michael McLelland Ayr 5hrs 20
Peter Buchan Linlithgow 4hrs 30
Robert Spark Hillhead 6hrs
Gordon Hay 5hrs 50
Douglas Wellan 4hrs 25
Stuart McGlynn Ayr 4hrs 25
Alex McLean Ayr 4hrs 25
Stewart McLean Cambuslang 4hrs 55
Alastair Milne Troon 4hrs 50
Andy Mitchell Stewarton 5hrs 20
Jason Simpson Girvan 5hrs 05
Martin Smith East Kilbride 4hrs 15
Alan Thomson Belfast 5hrs 50
Arnold Thomson Ayr 5hrs 50
Alan Waddington Kilmarnock 4hrs 35
Euan Wilson Kilmarnock 4hrs
Neil Munro Linlithgow 4hrs 40
Mike Munro Bonnyrigg 4hrs 40
Ewan Latimer 4hrs 45
Paul Ross 5hrs
Peter Connelly 3hrs 55
Thomas Connelly 3hrs 55

The Retro Bike?

We didn’t get the chance to award Bobby McGhee of Prestwick who presented his beautiful Holdsworth machine.  But we’ll sort that out soon and take a proper look at his bonnie beast.

Still ridden as a main bike, Bobby's Holdsworth is already on its third recoat and is graced with all the Campagnolo and Mavic you could ask for

Still ridden as a main bike, Bobby’s Holdsworth is already on its third recoat and is graced with all the Campagnolo and Mavic you could ask for


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