SCCL Youth Criterium Results

Brilliant.  In the build up to promoting an event its easy to get caught up in the stress and details.  However, moments like watching National Champion Ben Forsyth have to work very very very hard to deliver that awesome win on South Park Avenue remind us what all the work is for.  That was truly thrilling racing!

The first SCCL Youth Criterium, part of the Scottish Power Youth Series, provided a great spectacle for everyone around Victory Park in Girvan.

We started with the Youth C/D events.  Great to see a strong field stay together for so long, working had.  The format was 25mins plus a lap.  Jack Cruden eventually managed to get a gap and crossed the line a few seconds ahead of Youth D winner Callum Reid and Youth C Rider Eva Barnet.  Nice work!

Youth C Start Line

Youth C Start Line

Youth C Male
1 Jack Crudden
2 Hamish MacLaren
3 Hamish Armitt
4 Owen Morris
5 Chris Blockley
Youth C Female
1 Eva Barnet
2 Anna Shackley
3 Polly Henderson
4 Abby Stewart
5 Emma Forsyth
Youth D Male
1 Callum Reid
2 Murray Lawson
Youth D Female
1 Imani Pereira-James
2 Katherine Macleod
3 Skye Donnelly

Then there was the Youth B race.  Unlike the C race, this quickly became a war of attrition.  Not least because of the devastating speed of Joseph Nally (Hardie Bikes).  In just 11 laps he put 40 seconds into nearest challenger Sean Flynn.  Local hopes were raised by young Cammie Black who delivered a fine sixth place for the new Ayr Burners Youth Cycling Club.

The format was 25mins plus 2 laps

Youth B on the move

Youth B on the move

Youth B Male
1 Joseph Nally
2 Sean Flynn
3 Maximillian Bloor
4 Matthew Running
5 Jonathon Hilbourne
6 Cameron Black
7 Robbie McLaren
8 Callum Stienlet
9 Fraser Macdougall
10 Cameron Oliver
11 Adam Hazle
12 Kyle Anderson
13 Douglas Glendinning
14 Jack Cassidy
Youth B Female
1 Fiona Thomson
2 Laurie Adamson

And that just left Youth A.  WHOOOSH, what a cacophony they made.  Really impressive riding from a group who looked and acted the part.  Really exciting watching from start to finish.  Resplendent in those Blue and Red stripes, Ben Forsyth was a marked favourite.   But he lived up to his reputation with a series of brutal digs early in the race.  As the laps ticked by you could see him weighing up his opponents as they threw everything back at him.  The finishing dual between Forsyth and Rian Hill was enthralling – a 250m straight out sprint that was in danger of requiring photo finish.  A long sprint that required total commitment from both riders.  Thanks for the show!

Youth A

Youth A

Youth A Male
1 Ben Forsyth
2 Rian Hill
3 Rhys Donnelly
4 Andrew Brown
5 Robert Tree
6 Sam MacNeil
7 Fraser Middleton
8 Calum Mitchell
9 John MacLeod
10 Danny Hedley
11 Greg Henderson
12 Ruairidh Brown
13 Ewan Mathieson
14 Ryan Glasgow
15 Grant Martin
Youth A Female
1 Sarah Bradford
2 Rachel Torrance
3 Eilidh Thomson
South Carrick Community Leisure Chairman Andrew Sinclair and the Youth Criterium Prize Winners

South Carrick Community Leisure Chairman Andrew Sinclair and the Youth Criterium Prize Winners


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